Hi and welcome to my page, Felice Renee. I am an international Transformational Speaker, coach and author who is a catalyst for changing the quality of life for people who are stuck in the hardests places of their life.

I show individuals how who are experiencing abuse, divorce, brokenness and church hurt how to love and forgive themselves and their accuser and abusers so the can have peace and finally sleep at night.

I empower individuals to repair their broken pieces. I explain how the words you speak are a physical manifestation of the thoughts which play over and over inside your head. And I give you a life changing plan to begin to break the cycle of negative thoughts. I inspire you to live a new life of healing and wholeness.

No matter how broken you feel right now, your broken pieces can be repaired with the step-by-step program and guidance to sustain stained glass living, the title of my acclaimed book, Stained Glass - Smile, You Can Be Healed.

Thank you for visiting,

Felice Renee